Andrew Burr checks out the Nathan VaporAir 7L Hydration Pack



My name is Andrew Burr, and I am a 12 year old distance runner from the Northern California region.  I run for the Buffalo Youth Chips and my school, Sacramento Country Day School. My running experience includes track, cross country, road racing, and trail racing at distances from 800 meters to half marathon. I have always loved to be out on trails and live in a great place in California to be a trail runner.



When I received the Nathan Hydration Pack to test the first thing I noticed was that it looked like it was made very well. It was made with high quality materials and had a great looking nozzle. I started comparing it to a similar pack made by Camelback that I have used on longer trail runs for quite some time. The first thing I tested was the weight. The Camelback was lighter by a few ounces, which didn’t surprise me. The next thing I tested was the amount of adjustability. The Camelback only had one strap around the chest whereas the Nathan pack had two. The straps that go over your shoulders were also wider and had more padding. This was a massive improvement for me because I am an avid trail runner and whenever I do a trail run or hike over 10 miles I wear a hydration pack.  With the Camelback, I have always hurt my shoulders and my back, but this one felt different and much better. The final thing that really set the Nathan pack apart for me was the storage on the front. It had a pocket on each shoulder strap so you could have easy access to Gu, Honey Stingers (which I love!) and other electrolyte snacks while running. My Camelback just has storage on the back, and is much harder to access while running. Both packs had similar water capacity, which was expected.


Overall, I think that the Nathan Pack is definitely worth the money and surpasses most of the competition. There are many important and comfortable features and it just feels great. I might use the Nathan Pack at my next big race - the 109th Annual Dipsea Race from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach, CA or on the trails at Youth Runner Camp in Oregon in August.





Andrew at the 2019 PAL Track Championships